A viable climate change solution needs to be big and lasting — which means bipartisan legislation. I support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act put forth by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby and would work to pass its equivalent in the California State Assembly.  The policy will drive down America’s carbon pollution while unleashing American technology innovation and ingenuity.  The fee is placed on fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas. It starts low, and grows over time. It will drive down carbon pollution because energy companies, industries, and consumers will move toward cleaner, cheaper options.

All the money collected from the carbon fee is allocated in equal shares every month to California residents to spend as they see fit. Program costs are paid from the fees collected. The government does not keep any of the money from the carbon fee.

 To protect U.S. manufacturers and jobs, imported goods will be assessed a border carbon adjustment, and goods exported from the United States and California will receive a refund under this policy.