Housing Affordability

The Burning Issue: When it comes to housing, although almost everyone has an opinion, there’s no real consensus as to what the core problem is. What is certain is that the government is the major reason behind our major housing problems. Worse yet, these problems are multilayered and complex. And most of the so-called solutions coming from the state level have not worked.

I suggest a different approach.

The Bob Brunton Plan

1. Transform the widespread resistance to new additional housing…through Sales Tax Reform. I propose reallocating 2 cents of the current sales tax collected by sending it to the zip code where the purchaser lives. This will provide both an incentive to add housing and residents, while also providing a method to supply funding for the residents’ needs.

2. Instead of decreasing Prop 13, we should expand Prop 13. The way to do so is by allowing any longtime owner-occupied single-family home the one-time ability to move to any county or city in California yet keep their low tax bracket at their new home and then for several years receive a portion of the new property tax on the property they sold. The Results? Seniors would be protected from not being able to afford to live in California. Meanwhile, housing would be freed up for new families to grow and thrive in, complete with a few years of additional income for the senior who sold the property.

3. Require local school districts to accept students of parents who work full-time in those districts.

Background: Too often cities focus on taking the money while being unwilling to take on the expense. Though they add jobs and new tax dollars, they’re unwilling to balance the housing, schools, and infrastructure. They then leave other cities — or worse, no one! — to handle the expense. But Bob Brunton has a notably innovative and workable plan. To learn more about it, give me a holler.