Improving Education

Bob Brunton is the only candidate working to improve education for all of our students by giving them choices to attend quality schools regardless of the income of their parents or the location of their home.

Only Bob wants to pay great teachers what they are worth.

Only Bob knows how to improve our schools and reduce wasteful redundant spending.


California allocates about 54% of its entire budget to education and we are not getting our monies worth. Too many students are failing. There are many reasons, but the primary reason is that our current educational system is greatly out of date and needs major reforms.  California has over 1000 school districts, with 5 academic systems and they do not work well together. California once had the best educational system in the world but the foundation of that system was set up in the 1950’s. California is different now and it is time to reform and restructure.

Bob Brunton has 12 years of experience in educational governing. He was elected 3 time and served 12 years as Ohlone Community College Trustee. He knows what is needed, what is possible and how to get it done.

The Bob Brunton plan will improve the education of our children’s students and improve our adult career and technical education and our systems work together better, waste less money and provide more money to the classroom. And reduce taxes. It is possible to learn more about this plan text me 510-657-8645