Real Campaign Reform

Bob Brunton

“California citizens deserves to have high quality, and accountable elected officials.”

Too often this is not the reality. The skill sets and process of getting elected is much different than the process and skills needed to govern.

Many good people do not run for office.

During the last election cycle the current incumbent ALEX LEE stated that he would introduce and advocate for meaningful campaign reform to help all Californians – he did not and it obvious he will not.


Bob Brunton – My REAL Solutions will be designed to provide our community with a REAL sense of community.

  • You the voter deserve to be informed!
  • You the voter deserve to have accountability, transparency, from your state government!
  • You the voter deserve fair elections without one having wide disparity of financial resources spent on the election!

Bob Brunton’s REAL Solutions

FPPC Reforms

The rules and regulations for small budget campaigns is often too onerous. The rules have not been updated to reflect today’s realities.

Public Supported Campaign Financing in return for mandatory public debates with the opposition.

Restrictions on Safe Seat Elections

All conflicts of interest are disclosed and minimized. Example – The incumbent wants to not allow donations from some taxpayers and entities such as Corporations but is silent and support both financial and volunteer support from State and Pseudo State Employee groups that he will vote for their raises and increased jobs.