Here’s the plain truth: In California, we are not only taxed too much, we receive far too little for the money that we send to our government.

We have too many government agencies, along with way too many outdated, expensive, and cumbersome rules and regulations. And to top it all off? Way too many bureaucrats. Meanwhile, our state is overflowing with unfunded programs and obligations.

And if that’s not bad enough, the information we receive about our state and local governments’ finances is too often needlessly complicated, to the point where a regular person cannot understand it. Even worse, it’s often presented in an unbalanced and outright disrespectful manner.

I am going to Sacramento to start fixing these longstanding problems. And they must be fixed, because we have so many long-unmet needs.

Sacramento and the state government must get its financial house in order. It’s time for them to stop their wasteful and redundant spending before daring to ask the taxpayer for a dollar more.