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"I love California! It is one of the most influential states and regions in the US and the World. I want to lead the state in making it the best in education, the environment, governance, and the economy."

I believe a true servant leader thinks of the people he serves first with courage, transparency, and trust. I want to be the people's bridge builder for a better future for California."

As an architect, Bob Brunton emphasizes the importance of master planning the future. When we use our time, money, and resources inappropriately, our future may be hindered by poorly designed communities. Thus, creating congestion and pollution, leading to a stressful lifestyle."

For over 12 years, Bob Brunton has been devoted to ensuring children and students have a safe and rewarding learning environment. "I advocate the best education possible for children and college students to achieve the American Dream."

Bob Brunton is a proven leader who has extensive experience as an architect, financial planner, educational leader, and small business entrepreneur. His expertise qualifies him over all the other candidates to represent District 24 in the Assembly.

The fiscal conservative Bob Brunton believes that government and non-profit organizations should be held accountable and transparent every four years to prevent waste and corruption. "I want the public to know their tax dollars are being legally used to serve all Californians."

"The district has been my home for the past 40 years. During that time, I raised two children in the district. My wife and I established a foundation to provide music programs for all children."

The practice of building wealth and retirement plans is among the specialties of Bob Brunton. As a licensed specialist in building and protecting client earnings for their health and retirement, "I believe that all laws should be equally enforced for all citizens. I have a fiduciary duty as your assemblyperson to ensure that the interests of my constituents are fully represented at the state capitol.

California can be the best state if we all work together.

Please vote for me, Bob Brunton, as your candidate for Assembly District 24:

Among all the candidates, I am the ONLY one who has REAL and PROVEN experience as an educational leader, business owner, and fiscal conservative.

I will serve as your trusted servant leader in building a better California.

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Bob Brunton - Your Servant Leader for Assembly. For A Safer Santa Clara County

Bob Is a proud member of the Non-Partisan Problem Solvers Caucus and other groups that advocate for solutions and minimizes politics.

Bob Brunton is the member of the problem solvers caucus in California.

The mission of the California Problem Solvers Foundation is to educate elected officials, legislative staff, and members of the public on policy issues and to encourage political leadership that puts the public good above partisan political ideology.

Our goal is to create the infrastructure that will further leadership by “Problem Solvers” who are principled, pragmatic and committed to reaching across the aisle to address issues facing the California Legislature, and thus all Californians.

The California Problem Solvers Foundation seeks to help develop leaders who find solutions reached through collaboration, not division, mutual respect, not partisan bickering, and that will work in service to the people they represent in districts across the State of California to move our state forward. It is time to put people over party.

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Every pleasures is to welcomed pain avoided owing to the duty the obligations of business.

Vote Bob Brunton For Assembly
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Every pleasures is to welcomed pain avoided owing to the duty the obligations of business.

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