Comparison of Candidates

Bob Brunton

“California citizens deserves to have high quality, and accountable elected officials”

Too often this is not the reality. The skill sets and process of getting elected is much different than the process and skills needed to govern.

Many good people do not run for office.

During the last election cycle the current incumbent ALEX LEE stated that he would introduce and advocate for meaningful campaign reform to help all Californians – he did not and it obvious he will not.


Bob Brunton – My REAL Solutions will be designed to provide our community with a REAL sense of community.

Bob Brunton Assembly 2024 – Comparison of Candidates

FPPC Reforms

It has been said that the State Assembly D24 race is one of most consequential.

There are substantial agreements and differences between Bob Brunton and the Incumbent Alex Lee. The purpose of this sections is to provide you with additional information to help you make your decision.

Whereas it is my primary goal to be a candidate you trust and vote for it has become obvious that you need more information to make your voting choice.

Following are personal observations from actual discussions with Alex coupled with legislation he has proposed, supported and discussed with colleagues and citizens. If they are incorrect, I welcome the opportunity to have ongoing conversations with Mr. Lee to better understand his actual positions on these issues raised and of course update those actions and conversations with you.

Homelessness – We both agree that is a major problem. However, our approach to solving it is very different. Mr. Lee approach has been one of overspending, with lax oversight on properties that warehouse (group) many poor people together. Often the local communities have too little input on the particulars on the projects and in too many cases there has not been adequate coordination of how to truly help the homeless to obtain more permanent housing and become happy, and productive members of our community while protecting the local community and taxpayers. Learn more about my different goals and approaches.