About Us


My top goal is to be a candidate you can trust. My campaign is future focused, issue based with common sense holistic REAL solutions presented. I welcome your input on how to make the solutions even better.

The REAL approach to make California and our district better!

  • R

    Restoring Public Safety, Restoring Trust in California State Government

  • E

    Ensuring Excellence in Education, Ensuring Economic Vitality, Ensuring Environmental Stewardship

  • A

    Accountability and Accessibility from our government agencies, bureaucrats, elected leaders and lobbyists

  • L

    Lower Taxes and Fees, Less Intrusions into your life, less complicated laws

What you can expect from me when elected:

I am going to the State Assembly with the goal of preparing our government to provide you with best possible future. To do so I will focus on the three R’s:

REPAIR, REFORM and RESTRUCTURE our State Government

with the purpose of improving your life by lowering the costs of government and providing you more freedom, opportunities and respect.

I promise to do my best to communicate with you as we create the best possible California dream.

Bob Brunton
”Just Solutions that Improve – No more delays and excuses!”

It won’t be easy but part of the solution is in my name – I will take the BRUNT of the rath of the defenders of the status Quo – I can handle a TON!


Four keys of experience necessary to be effective in the Assembly

Public Sector Experience

Bob Brunton was elected three times and has served 12 years as an Elected Member of the Ohlone College Board of Trustees (the Ohlone Experience).

He learned a lot about what needs to be fixed to improve our education for all our students and how to make our schools work better.

Private Sector Experience

Bob Brunton has been a business owner in the district for over 30 years, having started an Electronic Manufacturer’s Engineering & Sales company. In fact, Bob has started, owned, and operated several businesses in California for the past 40 years!

He has experience in Electronics Manufacturing, Architectural Design, and Holistic Financial Planning. He truly understands the challenges and responsibilities of operating a business in California and will use that experience to help improve opportunities for great careers and build successful businesses.

Bob is a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Professional Manufacture Representative.

Local Connection Experience

Bob Brunton has been an active volunteer and community leader in all the cities in the district.

He has been or is currently a member in the Fremont Rotary, Fremont Education Foundation, Newark Toastmasters, Milpitas Cares, Milpitas Chamber of Commerce, San Jose Business Groups, and Santa Clara County Leadership programs… and many more!

Life Experience

Bob Brunton is married with two grown daughters and one grandchild. He likes to spend time with his wife, friends, and dogs.

He has learned how to get people to work together to get things done and he will use all the above experience to shape government legislation that will repair and prepare our state government for our future generations.

Ohlone College Trustee

A note about my time as an Ohlone College Trustee...

I had the honor of serving as an elected member of the Ohlone College Board of Trustees for 12 years.

It was a learning experience. I took my position very seriously, and always attended each meeting with the best possible preparation.

During my tenure, I was able to interview and hire two outstanding College Presidents (essentially the CEOs of the District), develop two major growth projects (including the establishment of the Newark Center), greatly improve the district’s financial resources and strength, improve the college’s connection to the community, and most importantly, help to create and support an educational system that allowed for student learning and students’ successful preparation for the future.

As should be expected when pushing for improvement, accountability, and openness, some controversies arose and some egos got ruffled. During this campaign, you may even hear about these incidents. In the past, they were greatly exaggerated and distorted, and I remain at ease with my role in them. Reason being, I was laser-focused on one goal only: making Ohlone College the best it could possibly be. If you have any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to contact me directly.

Why is this important? Well, when elected as your next representative, I will have the same goal of being laser-focused on improvement, while having good attendance and being fully prepared. Along the way, I’ll be willing to make the tough decisions, while always letting you know why I voted the way I did.

Thank you!
Bob Brunton For Assembly 2024